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Spheruleus is the solo recording moniker for Lincolnshire, UK based artist Harry Towell. The project began in 2009 after a couple of years of experimenting with sounds recorded to a dictaphone and pitched down samples to create experimental soundscapes. By March 2009 and after a particularly cold winter, the Earth Mantra netlabel released the first 4 pieces of Spheruleus material created from field recordings, drones and guitar sounds by brother Stuart Towell. Later that year, Earth Mantra and Test Tube released 2 further productions with the latter being a much darker musique concrete leaning record.

2010 was to be the year that the Spheruleus project really got up and running as British label Under The Spire released Frozen Quarters as a limited edition CDr in handmade cardboard packaging. The success of this album proper was joined by the inception of Harry’s own netlabel Audio Gourmet which specialises in free 15 minute EPs. Naturally this became home from home for a few more Spheruleus releases. The success of Audio Gourmet thrust Towell into the thriving home listening, DIY Ambient and sound art scenes and as a result, 2011 was to be a landmark year. Hibernate agreed to release concept album Voyage in a run of 200 copies, with artwork from photographer Richard Outram and Fluid Radio’s Dan Crossley. Elsewhere Harry had begun working alongside Polish artist Pleq and between them they were responsible for A Silent Swaying Breath, a record in which they assembled hundreds of sounds and recordings from artists across the globe. 2011 became complete with another collaboration with Pleq and also Japanese artist Hiroki Sasajima in which they produced Time and Language, released on vinyl by Felt Recordings.

2012 became another bumper year for the Spheruleus sound as it evolved steadily. Harry had been amassing a collection of acoustic instruments over the years and developing different techniques influenced by his diverse taste in music. Another collaboration with Pleq, for Time Released Sound, a collaboration with Ekca Liena for the superb Home Normal label and a release on newly-formed Japanese label Analogpath are but a few examples of work released in 2012. That’s not to mention Cyanometry which became the very first limited edition CDr on Tessellate Recordings, Harry’s own label for physical sound items.

2013 was a quieter year as focus was shifted towards other projects including the Warehouse Decay label and Harry’s music blog Irregular Crates. The year did yield ClearingsThe Possibility Of Loss and a split double 3″ CDr release with Strom Noir.
2014 saw just two releases as Harry self-released a hand-made, limited edition Selected Works edition which showcases previous material in the form of a gapless DJ mix as well as a self-released digital EP Cast Off. 2015 followed with more activity as Harry put out Peripheres on Eilean Records as well as more self-released digital work in Chronota and The Lost Gold E.P.

Now into the seventh year of operation, the Spheruleus sound has evolved to incorporate all of the elements dabbled in along the way. Warm acoustic drones, lo-fi modern classical chamber music, light noise experiments, subtle beats and disheveled rustic folk are a few of these elements which are sure to expand over the forthcoming years.


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